Malacañang review of the IIRC hostage crisis report

Below are the results of the review of the 1st Report of the IIRC dated 23 August 2010

President Aquino’s decisions on IIRC recommendations

President Aquino’s statement on the recommended actions to be taken after reviewing the report of the Incident Investigation and Review Committee on the August 23rd Quirino Grandstand hostage-taking incident

Family planning as a human right: Way to go PNoy!

President Aquino’s pronouncement in the United States that he would have family planning devices available to those who cannot otherwise afford them ushered in a storm probably surpassing the intensity of Ondoy that hit us last year.

Solita Monsod: Enigmatic, Indefatigable and Viral – Carlo Osi

WASHINGTON DC, United States – Honor and excellence. Those were the two watchwords that University of the Philippines Economics Professor Solita Monsod emphasized to her class on her last teaching day for the semester. The 10-minute video of this lecture now raging virally on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter was spontaneous and comical, yet also serious, deliberate, discerning, insightful and to the point. Very sharp, very Mareng Winnie, very Prof. Monsod.

What I learned on Gadgets Day

MANILA, Philippines - TV host Rica Peralejo shares what she thinks of the iPhone 4, the Victorinox Secure USB, and the new iPod Nano multi-touch.

Message of President Aquino on his First 100 Days

Message of  His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III, President of the Philippines, On The First Hundred Days of his Administration (October 7, 2010, La Consolacion College, Manila)

Manila Clergy on the action of Mr. Carlos Celdran

This is the statement of the Clergy of the Archdiocese of Manila which include 238 priests assigned in its 85 parishes, 2 chapels, 3 shrines, and hospitals and schools.

The Church and the State: In Search of Common Ground

Despite the Church's position, various contraceptive methods are already being used by some Filipinos, including Catholics, even before the RH Bill was filed in Congress.

Open Letter to the Philippine Catholic Bishops: Excommunicate Me

I’ve had enough of your antics, the latest having jailed my RH activist friend Carlos Celdran and threatening to excommunicate our President. So let’s dissolve this relationship once and for all.

A Facebook Timeout - Carlo Osi

WASHINGTON DC, United States – It’s funny how some people can get really caught up with Facebook. Instead of treating one’s Facebook page merely as a means of reaching out to friends while receiving information about people, places and events, some users take it too seriously. Facebook has, unfortunately, become their daily sounding board, their diary substitute, the replacement of a personal phone call and worse, their entire life. As if they can’t live without Facebook. Here’s the good news: you can step away from it. You certainly can.