WHO revises Ebola toll

GENEVA - The World Health Organization Friday revised its figures showing more people killed by the deadly Ebola virus, but the number of cases of the disease was slightly lower.Full article

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China completes first mission to moon and back

As of 11/01/2014 11:14 AM
BEIJING - China completed its first return mission to the moon early Saturday with the successful re-entry and landing of an unmanned probe, state media reported, in the latest step forward for Beijing's ambitious space programme. Full article

Boko Haram calls ceasefire, talks claims 'lies'

As of 11/01/2014 11:03 AM
KANO - Boko Haram denied that they had agreed to a ceasefire in a new video obtained on Friday by AFP, describing the Nigerian government claims as a lie and apparently ruling out future talks. Full article

China nets 180 graft suspects in overseas manhunt

As of 10/31/2014 6:36 PM
China says it has captured 180 people suspected of committing economic crimes as part of an aggressive anti-corruption campaign targeting suspects who have fled abroad, state news agency Xinhua reported.   Full article

China executes man who killed toddler in parking row

As of 10/31/2014 4:57 PM
BEIJING - A Chinese man who killed a two-year-old girl after a row with her mother over a parking space was executed on Friday, a court said. Full article

Why Beijing banned Halloween costumes on subway

As of 10/31/2014 2:53 PM
BEIJING - Beijing police have warned people they face arrest for wearing Halloween fancy dress on the subway as it may cause crowds to gather and create "trouble", a state-run newspaper said on Friday, unveiling a list of APEC summit-related restrictions. Full article

Hong Kong activists mull taking protest to Beijing

As of 10/31/2014 1:05 PM
HONG KONG - Hong Kong's democracy protesters are considering travelling to Beijing to directly petition Communist authorities as the Chinese capital hosts US President Barack Obama and other world leaders at an upcoming summit. Full article

Experts urge caution over Ebola hopes

As of 10/31/2014 1:02 PM
MONROVIA - Health authorities called Thursday for renewed vigilance over the Ebola epidemic and caution over claims it is retreating as the World Bank announced a $100-million fund for more health workers. Full article

Singapore upholds law that criminalizes gay sex

As of 10/30/2014 9:58 AM
SINGAPORE - Singapore's highest court ruled on Wednesday that a law that criminalizes sex between men is in line with the city-state's constitution, rejecting two separate appeals by three men that the measure infringed their human rights. Full article

Debris revives hope of finding Amelia Earhart plane

As of 10/30/2014 9:15 AM
WASHINGTON - Researchers on the trail of missing 1930s aviatrix Amelia Earhart say they are increasingly convinced that aluminum debris found on a South Pacific beach came from her lost airplane. Full article

NATO reports 'large scale' Russian air activity in European airspace

As of 10/30/2014 9:12 AM
BRUSSELS - NATO said Wednesday it had tracked and intercepted four groups of Russian warplanes ''conducting significant military maneuvers'' in European airspace over the past two days. Full article